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Algae Can Be The New Oil

Algae is the Answer

OriginOil’s breakthrough technology, based on algae, is targeted at fundamentally changing the world’s source of oil without disrupting the environment or food supplies.

Our focus is on creating and improving technology that recovers maximum value from algae crops. This represents a major bottleneck in the algae-to-oil process. OriginOil’s patent-pending extraction processes improve efficiency and reduce cost, making algae the best source of an environmentally friendly replacement for petroleum.

Only by industrializing the manufacture of new oil can the current and future demands of global industrialization be met. This is the focus of OriginOil’s research-and-development activities.

Benefits of Producing Algae Oil

  • Algae is fast growing – each oil-producing cell can mature in just hours
  • Algae is oil-rich — contains as much as 60% of its dry weight in oil
  • Algae is carbon neutral – meaning that it does not affect climate like petroleum
  • Algae is fuel efficient – as much as 1000 times more productive than corn

Challenges of Producing Algae Oil

  • How to maximize light exposure and CO2 absorption for optimum growth
  • How to optimize algae biomass harvesting and oil extraction
  • How to keep energy requirements low and make systems affordable
  • How to refine algae oil and biomass into finished products

The “Midstream” Challenge

While all these challenges are significant, OriginOil is focused on what happens between the upstream algae growth stage and downstream refining. The critical connection between these processes is what we call the “midstream”, a choke point where efficient harvesting, dewatering and oil extraction remain major challenges.

Proven success in the marketplace has demonstrated to us at OriginOil that the midstream is our best area of focus and will allow us to capitalize on our market-leading technology advantage, for long term business success.

Our patent-pending technology will enable producers to harvest algae biomass cost-effectively and to extract algae oil and biomass without the use of dangerous chemicals or energy-intensive processes.

As part of its midstream focus, OriginOil is also developing technology to harvest hydrogen gas, another important energy source produced by algae. Hydrogen recovery systems can improve algae production’s energy balance and enable fuel refining at the point of production, creating a strategic opportunity for algae producers.

Seamless Integration with Algae System Developers

In addition to developing proprietary technology, OriginOil is contributing to the growth of the algae industry by integrating with other vendors. The proliferation of technology has helped overcome critical barriers to commercialization, but customers now want simplicity and integration. OriginOil plans to widen its offerings beyond developing core technology through product alliances, joint ventures, private labeling deals, licensing and acquisition. Product integration and support services will deliver true solutions to strategic customers.

With OriginOil, algae will fulfill its potential as the new oil.

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