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September 15, 2014

OriginOil & China’s Trillion Dollar Water Cleanup Program

Digital Journal: "OriginOil’s technology could prove to be an instrumental part of the clean water equation, as energy service providers are feeling the pressure from the Chinese government to find ways to safely reuse their frac-water. " Read More

September 15, 2014

Algasol Renewables, OriginOil Collaborate on Algae Fish Feed Production

The Fish Site: "OriginOil is to provide algae harvesting technology for the low-cost algae growth system from Algasol Renewables. The integrated system will launch at Algasol’s new facilities in Bangladesh — a unique, large-scale demonstration of micro-algae production for fish feed." Read More

September 11, 2014

OriginOil Announces Partnership for Algae Division & Diversifies Revenue Model

Digital Journal: "OOIL has been a frack play but in our opinion the real story is in water remediation where the company can become completely diversified and take advantage of several multi-billion dollar industries positioned for growth over the next 5 years. " Read More

September 10, 2014

California Aquaculture Companies Explore Sustainable Fish Farming

KQED Science: "For the company’s shore-based breeding tanks, Cruver hopes to grow his own food. He’ll use technology developed by Los Angeles-based OriginOil." Read More

August 20, 2014

OriginOil’s Frac Water Separation Photograph Wins Second OG&PE Competition — Will Be Featured On Magazine’s Front Page

OGPE Magazine: "Their CLEAN-FRAC 1000 Integrated Electro-Coagulation, Electro-Oxidation & Electro-Flotation illustration demonstrates how it continuously removes oils, suspended solids, insoluble organics, and bacteria from produced or ‘frac flowback’ water." Read More

August 19, 2014

The Eco-Friendly Side of Fracking; OriginOil Analyst Report by Small Cap Street

The Wall Street Journal: "OOIL has begun to get some recognition for its process by investors and industry peers, even including a meeting attended by T. Boone Pickens." Read More

August 14, 2014

OriginOil cleaning tech passes test

Filtration+Separation: "OriginOil Inc says that, in independent laboratory tests, its CLEAN-FRAC technology was effective in treating flowback water at a rate greater than 1,000 barrels per day from a disposal site in Western Colorado." Read More

August 14, 2014

OriginOil cleaning tech passes test

Working with Water: "According to the Lizard Analytical Laboratories test report, the technology removed 99.6% f turbidity, 0.3% total suspended solids and 90.5% of oil in water." Read More

July 24, 2014

Algae: Green Pest or ‘Green’ Solution?

Corp! Magazine: "Algae can be a part of the solution, rather than the problem. Fast-growing algae in wastewater can be harvested while the water is cleaned and the algae population can then be for other purposes, like fuel or feed. However there are challenges." Read More

July 10, 2014

OriginOil announces chlorine dioxide pre-treatment

Energy Global: "By using EWS, operators can produce CLO2 to process water for re-use with the added benefit of no additional CLO2 generator infrastructure requirement." Read More

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