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July 2, 2013

Origin oil claims breakthrough with algae culture photo bioreactor

Cosmetics Design: "According to the US based company, it has developed a breakthrough process for removing up to 99 percent of contaminants from the very large quantities of water to preserve algae in the process." Read More

June 29, 2013

OriginOil’s Pivot

Algae Industry Magazine: "OriginOil has adapted their Algaeappliance, which incorporates the company’s Electro Water Separation™ technology, to a new platform designed to eliminate ammonia and reduce infestations in fish farming ponds" Read More

June 27, 2013

Global New Energy to use OriginOil technology in bid to restart California aquaculture

Biofuels Digest: "In California, New Global Energy will be using OriginOil’s Electro Water Separation Technology as part of its strategy to acquire and restart shuttered fish farms in the Coachella Valley region of Southern California." Read More

June 26, 2013

New Global Energy adopts OriginOil technology to revitalize California aquaculture farms "New Global Energy will implement OriginOil's water sanitizing and algae production technology as part of its strategy to acquire and restart shuttered fish farms in the Coachella Valley region of Southern California." Read More

June 25, 2013

New Global Energy adopts OriginOil technology

Algae Industry Magazine: "NGE’s decision came on the heels of a highly successful demonstration at Aqua Farming Technology, a leader in sustainable fish farming since 1993. The field test demonstrated OriginOil’s Electro Water Separation (EWS) process can eliminate virtually all ammonia and bacterial infestations in fish pond water, and produce a stream of nitrogen-rich water to feed algae." Read More

June 12, 2013

Beyond Biofuels: Integrating Algae in the Built Environment

Greentech Media: "OriginOil is one of those companies that has moved into new markets. Since its inception in 2007, OriginOil has shifted its focus away from biofuels production and toward licensing its technology -- a two-step process that separates organic matter from water -- for wastewater cleanup in the fracking industry..." Read More

June 10, 2013

OriginOil’s AlgaeAppliance cleaning water for fish farms

Algae Industry Magazine: "Technology originally developed by OriginOil to concentrate algae from solution has not only been recently adapted to the petroleum fracking world for cleaning produced water, but is now also being used in the fish farming world to both purify contaminated water and concentrate algae for pelleting to fish feed." Read More

June 6, 2013

Two vital resources

Machine Design: "...OriginOil Inc., Los Angeles, makes separators that use electromagnetic waves and bubblers to filter additives and coagulated hydrocarbons out of frack water. Verenium Corp., San Diego, sells enzymes to replace acids for dissolving the guar in frack-water proppants. Halliburton Intl. Inc., Houston, manufactures food-ingredient-based CleanStim as a safer alternative to traditional chemicals." Read More

June 5, 2013

Texas Encourages Frac Water Recycling

Gas Oil & Mining Contractor: "The firm recently introduced its CLEAN-FRAC system in Texas where the Railroad Commission, which regulates the fracking industry, says the amount of frac water disposed of in wells has increased from about 4.6 million barrels in 2005 to 3.5 billion barrels in 2011" Read More

May 29, 2013

OriginOil retains Merriman Capital as capital markets advisor

BioInvestDigest: "In California, Merriman Capital has been retained as capital markets advisor to OriginOil. In this capacity, Merriman will advise OriginOil management on various strategic initiatives focused on increasing shareholder value" Read More

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