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Marketwatch: "Meanwhile, companies in the business of alternative energy said they noticed an uptick in interest from the financial community in recent days...." Read More

Energy Refuge: "The Mexican government is funding an initiative to demonstrate industrial algae production to find out how viable it is for use in large-scale jet fuels production...." Read More

Biodiesel Magazine: "I expect we’ll be on the ground at the alpha site in the second quarter,” Eckelberry said. “There are three phases this year that are triggered by different grants...." Read More

Flight Global: "California-based OriginOil is taking part in a pilot project funded by the Mexican Government as part of the country's plan to produce 1% of its jet fuel from algae in less than five years...." Read More

Green Car Congress: "Algae technology company OriginOil, Inc. will participate in a pilot-scale algae project to be funded by the Mexican government to demonstrate industrial algae production..." Read More

Earth 911: "The Mexican government will fund a pilot project to advance the development of algae biofuel for large-scale jet-fuel production...." Read More

Biofuels Digest: "This new single focus on extracting oil from algae strategically positions the company to provide the critical connection between algae growers and refiners...." Read More

GreenAir Online: "US-based algae technology company OriginOil is to participate in a pilot scale algae project to be funded by the Mexican government as part of..." Read More

Biofuels Platform: "The Mexican government is getting into the renewable fuels game - they are funding a pilot scale algae project spearheaded by OriginOil to develop renewable jet fuel...." Read More

Autoevolution: "The task of converting Mexico's algae into biofuel rests with American company OriginOil, which was commissioned to produce 1 percent of the nation's jet fuel..." Read More