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January 13, 2011

Algae: 10 Superstars With Strategies For Success

Environmental Expert: "Algal fuel industry systems developer OriginOil made the Hot 50 for a second year in a row, climbing to #42. In May, Australia’s MBD Energy became the company’s first algae-producing customer...." Read More

January 12, 2011

OriginOil Focusing on Algae Extraction Technology

American Fuels: "OriginOil, Inc today announced that it has adopted an operating plan that focuses on commercializing its industry leading algae extraction technology platform...." Read More

January 7, 2011

OriginOil CEO: 2011 Year of Algae Bio-based Chemicals

Domestic Fuel: "This year will be the year of bio-based chemicals made from algae … that according to the CEO of OriginOil, algae-to-biofuel maker...." Read More

January 5, 2011

OriginOil Inc CEO Riggs Eckelberry Named to Advisory Board of National Algae Association

International Business Times: "OriginOil has earned a stellar reputation in their industry by developing breakthrough technology that may transform algae into a true competitor to petroleum..." Read More

January 5, 2011

National Algae Association Names Riggs Eckelberry to Advisory Board

CNBC: "Joins top professionals who will help scale up and develop the algae industry...." Read More

January 3, 2011

Khosla's Clean Coal Investment Could Help Avert Mining Disasters

Fast Company: "Ciris Energy just scored $23.9 million from Khosla Ventures for an intriguing business proposition...Cirus is far from the only player in the clean coal market. OriginOil recently completed a pilot project that harvested algae from coal plant pollution..." Read More

December 28, 2010

OriginOil to Prove Algae-to-Fuel Process

Domestic Fuel: "The developer of technology that turns algae in to renewable fuel is going down under to do some long-term testing of its process." Read More

December 26, 2010

2010-The Year in Algae

Algae Industry Magazine: "When we considered running a look at the year’s highlights in the algae world, we decided to go right to the experts and see what was on their minds..." Read More

December 14, 2010

OriginOil Wraps Carbon and Algae Fuel Pilot

The New York Times: "The Australian commercial pilot project involved a joint agreement between algae biofuel maker OriginOil and energy company MBD Energy..." Read More

December 14, 2010

OriginOil’s Technology Proves Successful in Australia

Algae Industry Magazine: "OriginOil team reports on its recent assignment in Australia, where it installed and operated feeding and extraction systems at partner MBD Energy’s research site. MBD Technical Director Larry Sirmans comments on OriginOil’s success...." Read More

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