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OriginOil, Inc. is a public company trading on the Over The Counter market. It is an “OTC QB” company, which mandates certain eligibility requirements. The trading symbol for OriginOil is “OOIL”.

OriginOil, Inc. [OOIL: OTCQB]
0.10 -0.005 (-4.76%)  01/30/2015 Delayed 15 minutes 
Open$0.1025Daily Range$0.093-$0.1145
Prev. Close$0.10552 Week Range$0.0842-$0.26
Quote Data   Realtime
Inside Quote
BidAskLast Inside Change
$0.10 x 15680 shares$0.103 x 5000 shares01/30 5:00 PM EST

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“This is a very impressive company with an enormous pipeline that starts with the exploding oil and gas industry and stretches out to algae and aquaculture. Many of the technologies developed for algae translate easily into traditional fish farming.”

- Patrick Cox, Editor of TransTech Alert

Investor Relations

United States
Tel: 877-999-OOIL (6645) Ext. 3
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Analyst Coverage

TransTech Alert is a widely read independent newsletter, edited by Patrick Cox. His March 2014 issue was devoted to OriginOil.

CEO Live TV Interviews Riggs Eckelberry

The OriginOil CEO summarizes the company’s recent achievements and how its breakthrough technology is demonstrating that water can be treated in huge volumes for less than 5 cents per barrel. This has particular application in China and East Asia, where OriginOil has created a Hong Kong subsidiary and is launching a distribution network to meet the demand.

Disinfection capabilities of OriginOil technology may help make giant open-air ponds feasible for large-scale fuels production

OriginOil, Inc., announced today that it is collaborating with the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) of the U.S. Department of Energy. A proposed project focuses on development and implementation of novel approaches to improve efficiency in algal biofuel production. Read More

Bakersfield’s Vaquero Energy hosts CLEAN-FRAC systems demonstrating feasibility of treating produced water for large-scale beneficial reuse

OriginOil, Inc., announced today that it recently commissioned a pilot site for the treatment of produced water for steam injection, and to provide irrigation water for California’s drought-stricken Central Valley. The site is hosted by privately-held Vaquero Energy, an exploration and production (E&P) company based in Bakersfield, California. Read More

OriginOil Hong Kong is expected to license regional joint ventures for frack and waste water cleanup

OriginOil, Inc., announced today that it will launch a subsidiary in Hong Kong and grant it a master license for the People’s Republic of China. In turn, the subsidiary is expected to license regional joint ventures for frack and waste water treatment. A research and a manufacturing center are also planned. Read More