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OriginOil Enters Commercial Phase For Petro, Algae and Waste Applications Read More

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Two Pink Sheet Plays That Could Shake ND’s Oil Industry

Tristate Industrial Magazine: OriginOil says its  CLEAN-FRAC is a complete solution...

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CEO Riggs Eckelberry snuck a picture during our company photo. JL Kindler does the can-can while the rest of us figure out our positions!

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Smart Algae Harvesting 
February 17, 2015

Smart Algae Harvesting

The Big Biz Show plays the latest OriginOil field report from Lafayette Louisiana, featuring strong endorsements from industry insiders. CEO Riggs Eckelberry discusses the potential for harvesting algae in both good and bad situations (for example, algae blooms that choke up lakes and rivers), and reviews how the company combines direct sales, licensing and joint ventures to become a de facto standard in cleaning up vast quantities of contaminated water.

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OriginOil Introduces the Smart Algae Harvester A25 

OriginOil Introduces the Smart Algae Harvester A25

January 22, 2015, NAA Workshop, Lafayette Louisiana: OriginOil introduces its Smart Algae...

The Smart Algae Harvester 

The Smart Algae Harvester

Introducing the Smart Algae Harvester™, powered by OriginOil's patented Electro...

Our Mission

OriginOil has developed a breakthrough water cleanup technology for the oil & gas, algae and other water-intensive industries.

Unlike other technologies, the company’s patent-pending Electro Water Separation™ process rapidly and efficiently removes insoluble inorganic and organic material from large quantities of water without the need for chemicals.

In oil & gas, OriginOil is helping recycle produced water and fracking water, to reduce harm to the environment and lower costs. For the emerging algae industry, OriginOil is making large-scale harvest possible. And in aquaculture, OriginOil is helping improve yields and make seafood healthier by dramatically reducing the levels of toxic ammonia and bacteria. For a world short on fresh water, OriginOil is the lower-cost and cleaner answer.

BlueTech Innovation Tracker Company     OriginOil Awarded Transformative Technologies: 2014 from The Digest