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OriginOil Breakthrough Increases Electro Flotation Technology Effectiveness by More Than 50% Read More

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Cleaning up the fracking mess

Al Jazeera America: OriginOil’s tanks are small enough and mobile...

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OriginOil's CLEAN-FRAC 3000 (

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What is Blue Technology? 
December 17, 2014

What is Blue Technology?

CEO Riggs Eckelberry on the half-trillion dollar blue technology market, and how the growing global middle class, expected to grow from 2 to 5 billion people by 2040, is driving business by generating more waste water. He also explains how OriginOil manages multiple industry segments for its breakthrough technology by incubating multiple business units.

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Falling Oil Prices Increase Need to Reuse Water 

Falling Oil Prices Increase Need to Reuse Water

CEO Riggs Eckelberry discusses the dropping price of a barrel...

An Introduction to OriginOil 

An Introduction to OriginOil

CEO Riggs Eckelberry describes OriginOil's role in the Blue-Technology industry,...

Our Mission

OriginOil has developed a breakthrough water cleanup technology for the oil & gas, algae and other water-intensive industries.

Unlike other technologies, the company’s patent-pending Electro Water Separation™ process rapidly and efficiently removes insoluble inorganic and organic material from large quantities of water without the need for chemicals.

In oil & gas, OriginOil is helping recycle produced water and fracking water, to reduce harm to the environment and lower costs. For the emerging algae industry, OriginOil is making large-scale harvest possible. And in aquaculture, OriginOil is helping improve yields and make seafood healthier by dramatically reducing the levels of toxic ammonia and bacteria. For a world short on fresh water, OriginOil is the lower-cost and cleaner answer.

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