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CEO Updates

October 5, 2014


OriginOil races to complete the GEN 2 prototype by the end of the quarter… and makes it! This module is meant to be part of a half-million gallon daily water treatment system. Meanwhile, GEN 1 continues to show outstanding results in West Texas. And Nicholas Eckelberry speaks at the Algae Biomass Summit in San Diego. Read More

September 30, 2014

Blue Gold in West Texas!

The day we set up our CLEAN-FRAC™ system near Midland Texas, it’s already achieving 99.8% removal! Customer demonstrations taking place all week. This is Blue Gold! And, co-founder Nicholas speaks at the prestigious Algal Biomass Summit, where a $20,000 discount is available on the latest generation of the OriginOil Algae Harvester™ Read More

September 24, 2014

Trinidad’s Waste Oil Problem

Trinidad is taking aggressive action to clean up its waste oil problem, and this has led to our first order through a licensee. Meanwhile, we’re preparing for the West Texas demonstration, near Midland, TX. And the GEN 2 prototype, which triples performance in one module alone, nears completion. Read More

September 16, 2014

When Is Natural Gas Good?

Co-founder Nicholas Eckelberry reports on his successful trip to China, where the technology is being proven with the right partners. And natural gas is helping renewable energy in unexpected ways, while OriginOil can help with the issues of water consumption. Read More

August 27, 2014

The Horrendous California Drought

California’s drought is horrendous, and likely to get much worse. California Governor Jerry Brown just signed a $7.5 billion dollar bond issue to address water issues, and we are ready with our partners. Meanwhile, OriginOil is taking its demonstration system on the road in September! Read More

August 17, 2014

On Stage With T. Boone Pickens

An "armchair conversation" with T. Boone Pickens, about fracking… at a renewable energy conference! In fact, the discussion was about the water – and how the oil industry can adopt best practices to get ahead of criticisms and be seen as benefiting agriculture and other users. Read More

August 4, 2014

GEN 2 Lands in LA

OriginOil's 16-foot GEN 2 electro-flotation module arrives from Colorado, painted "OriginOil Green", and we meet the team that will roll out this technology commercially. BLUE-TECH… Get used to hearing that term more, it’s our $500 billion industry, and growing! Read More

July 30, 2014

GEN 2 Leaked!

While our first gen systems wow customers, the lab team is hard at work on Gen 2, which will treat up to 10,000 barrels per day in a single shipping container! And now the technology is combined with world-class later stages for the CLEAN-FRAC™ product line. This is true industry disruption! Read More

June 30, 2014

Processing California’s Frack Water

OriginOil is now helping to process frack water from California’s Monterey Formation, and a new licensee is targeting Fortune 50 companies, while fracking is now launching outside the USA, especially in China. In fact, OriginOil has shipped a demo system to China, for testing by a multinational there. Read More

June 18, 2014


This chart says it all. It's the daily price of U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil blend as of yesterday's close and Hydraulic facturing, or fracking, is the only technology that can respond fast enough to feed this huge increase in demand. Our mission is to clean the large quantities of water involved, in increasingly drought-stricken areas. Read More

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